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The plate-type drilling and boring machine - MACHINING CENTER WRD 150Q:

  • rotary table type S 16,
  • headstock vertical travel Y 3500 mm,
  • column longitudinal travel X 9000 mm,
  • RAM stroke Z 1200 mm,
  • work spindle diameter 150 mm,
  • capacity 16 t,

The horizontal table-type drilling and boring machine TOS WHN(Q) 13 CNC: 

  • rotary table 1800x2500 mm,
  • vertical adjustment of fast headstock axle Y 2500 mm,
  • longitudinal adjustment of stand axle Z 1250 mm,
  • transverse adjustment of table axle X 4000 mm,
  • line feed of spindle axle W 800 mm.


Machining parts and components on horizontal, vertical and universal milling machines. Table dimensions - 1000x400 mm and displacement:

  • longitudinal to 1000 mm,
  • transverse to 400 mm,
  • vertical to 420 mm.


Machining parts on lathes of various types:

  • lathing length to 3000 mm ,
  • lathing diameter over bed to 680 mm,
  • lathing diameter over support to 420 mm,
  • spindle passage 90 mm.


Holes are made on column and radial drilling machines:

  • the maximum diameter of a drill hole is 55 mm


  • Plasma cutting from 0,5-30 mm, oxygen cutting from 5-200 mm, cutting length to 24 m,
  • Plasma cutting and shape cutting in pipes with a length up to 5000 mm, pipe diameter 33,7-300 mm and a wall thickness up to 15 mm,
  • Cutting shapes up to 460 mm on band saws,
  • Cutting with guillotine shears for sheet thickness of up to 13 mm.


  • Drilling-milling-horizontal boring machine: rotary table 1800x2500 mm, adjustment axle Y 2500 mm, axle Z 1250 mm, axle X 4000 mm, line feed of spindle axle W 800 mm,
  • Conventional boring machines on table surface to 4600x4200 mm with maximum hole of 700 mm,
  • Holes for large structures by Boring Mobile Climax with a diameter of 35-610 mm.
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