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The New Production Hall in our REMBUD-ZREMB Branch!

27 08.2020

I’ve got a pleasure to present to the world our brand new investment!  The P3 Hall has become the third production hall of our Rembud-Zremb Branch located in Gorzów.  After several months of the hard work and despite the limitations we faced caused by the all-around pandemics, it is now fully operational!

The new hall has accommodated our CNC cutting machine, which is now moved further away from the adjacent residential estates.  Changing its location, as well as providing the filtration system with an enclosure, has made a huge impact on reduction of the noise level in the surrounding area and improving our operatives’ working conditions. We do take the EN ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 responsibilities seriously.  Just to mention the evident upgrade of the overall appearance of our facilities it has made. 

But that’s not all!  The CNC cutting machine has now freed up some space for our next “baby” due in October this year, which will significantly expand our machining offer.

Details are coming up soon…

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